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Services for Students: About Books

Library services and tips for students enrolled in on-campus undergraduate and graduate programs.


If you are looking for a particular book, the fastest way to find it is with a title browse search .

1. On the library homepage, select Library Search.

2. Go to Browse Search.

3. Select a List to Browse from the drop down menu, select Title.

4. Type the beginning of the title of the book and hit enter.

A browse search is not quite like a normal search. It will pull up the exact result and anything near it alphabetically in the browse list. What it won't do is show you search results that are close to, not not quite, what you searched for. The best method for finding a title is to type the first three or four words of the title and see what comes up.

A note about the articles (the grammar kind, not the journal kind!):

If your title starts with A, AN, or THE, leave the article off and start with the next word. For instance, instead of The Lord of the Rings search for Lord of the Rings.

THIS and THAT are always included in the title, i.e. That Hideous Strength would be found by searching for That Hideous Strength, not Hideous Strength.

Books can be returned in either the book drop at the front of the building or inside the library at the the book drop at the Circulation Desk.

Library Books and Current Students

Books from Foley Library

  • See the box on the left to find out how to request a book from Foley Library.
  • Books from Foley Library  are checked out to undergraduate students for 28 days, and graduate students until the end of the semester. You may renew a book up to two times, unless requested by someone else.
  • Library policies regarding lost/damaged book charges apply to all students. 
Books from other Libraries - Interlibrary Loans (ILL)

Get more information about Interlibrary Loan / ILLiad:

  • Go to the Foley Library homepage  and  click on WorldCat.
  • Search for item(s) you need
  • Use the Send request by ILLiad link to place a request.

ALLOW PLENTY OF TIME!  Books can take up to 5-10 days to arrive. ILL is are not a good option for "last minute" research.

IF A BOOK ARRIVES IN THE MAIL ON (OR AFTER) THE DUE DATE? This does happen on occasion. Contact us immediately if it happens to you.  We will renew the book and do our best to get you more time from the lending library.  Call 509-313-3824 or e-mail