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Engineering & Applied Science Research Guide

A research guide to introduce you to engineering resources at the library, including databases, journals, tools, technical documents, and other materials.

Locating Technical Documents

Locating technical documents--standards, codes, patents, trademarks, handbooks, and more--is often a challenge.

  • There is no single place where all technical documents can be searched for and located.
  • They are produced by a wide variety of organizations, corporations, and government agencies.
  • Sometimes they're available freely online, but often they are only available on a proprietary database, or for a fee from a company.

We've done our best to gather the most likely sources for standards and technical documents here, but if you are struggling to find a document you need, please contact the Engineering Librarian, Nicole, at

Standards and Codes

Patents and Trademarks

Technical Reports

Open Access, Free, and Low-Cost Standards

Standards can be hard to get access to. They aren't all available through the library, you can't usually get them through Interlibrary Loan, and many of them are very expensive. Listed here are a number of ways that selected standards can be accessed for free or at a low cost. Some of these tools are difficult to navigate, so if you have any questions please contact your librarian, Nicole.

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