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Engineering & Applied Science Research Guide

A research guide to introduce you to engineering resources at the library, including databases, journals, tools, technical documents, and other materials.

Standards Organizations: How They Can Help You

In the search for standards, having an awareness of the organizations that produce them can be invaluable. There are several large international standards organizations which are responsible for maintaining the uniformity of standards in all areas across the globe. Most countries have a national standards body that represents the standards developing community in that country to the multinational orgs. And there are numerous organizations and institutes devoted to developing standards in specific areas or fields, such as heating and cooling or autonomous vehicle software. You can use this information to locate standards in a particular area or from a particular part of the world.

Major International Standards-Producing Organizations

The three organizations above recently coordinated to create the World Standards Cooperation, a multinational entity which seeks to promote the development and wider adoption of international standards. They promote participation and improve visibility of the international standards system.

Field-Specific Standards Organizations (List In Progress)

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