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Manuscript Collections: Tokyo War Crimes Tribunal

Tokyo War Crimes Tribunal Collection

The Tokyo War Crimes Tribunal Collection contains transcripts from the International Military Tribunal for the Far East, also known as the Tokyo War Crimes Tribunal. The Tribunal took place from May 1946 until November 1948. These documents were donated by Daniel Mahoney, an alumnus of the Gonzaga Law School in 1989. His father, Willis Mahoney, was a lawyer and former state representative from Washington when he went to Japan to assist the chief prosecutor, Joseph Keenan. Willis Mahoney, however, became the acting chief prosecutor when Keenan became ill. The collection also contains a typescript from Sinsho Hanayama about his interactions with Japanese war criminals at Sugamo Prison. It was donated to Gonzaga in 1989 by John E. Ginn, who was stationed at Sugamo Prison and received the typescript from Sinsho Hanayama.

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