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GU's Library Legacy: Case 2

Case 2: Administration Building Library, 1900 - 1957

In Gonzaga’s early years, the library did not have much importance as there was limited resources, especially money. The library was located in the Administration Building, now College Hall. Through the years books had been purchased or donated even though there was limited space. In 1941 a fire damaged the library. Insurance money provided for replacement for many volumes lost. In 1953 GU President Corkery, S.J. wrote the Jesuit Provincial that the library conditions were very distressing as books were shelved in 14 different rooms; there were fire hazards, the reading rooms were inadequate; and the books were inaccessible. It would take four more years before the Crosby Library was built.

Jesuit Library, 1907

Located on the west end of the Administration Building

“Library has Face Lifted Recently,” The Bulletin, January 17, 1947

This article, published in The Bulletin, talks about a “face lift” given to the library, which was located in the Administration Building (now College Hall) at the time. The redecoration was done during the Christmas holidays of 1948 in an effort to improve the look of the library.

Students in the Library located in the Administration Building, Now College Hall, 1950s

Library Section from “A Report on Gonzaga University Submitted to the Higher Commission of the Northwest Association of Secondary and Higher Schools” by the Evaluating Committee for the Association, subsequent to its visit of February 20-23, 1956

This report evaluated the library as part of GU’s  accreditation. It described the library as generally adequate, but noted the lack of space as having a serious impact on the usefulness of the library.

Students using the library in the administration Building now College Hall, no date

Library, no date

Law Library, no date