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GU's Library Legacy: Case 6

Case 6: Foley Center, 1992 - 2017

When the Foley Library was built, new departments, such as the Curriculum Center and Special Collections were created to support the students and faculty at Gonzaga.  Additionally, Regional Information Services (RIS) provided regional businesses, professionals, government agencies and community members with a fee based information system. Informational Media Services was also located in the building.  A 24 hour study lounge was added to accommodate student’s study needs.

The Foley Library has always wanted to be a place where students and faculty can do their research and study.  It is also the goal to make the library be a friendly place to come, a hub for academic life. Consequently, the library hosts many events to encourage people to come to the library for fun. To remain relevant in the internet age today, Foley Library strives to assist its users in an information overload based world

Reference desk, 1992

Curriculum Center, 1992

The Curriculum Center with its own librarian was a new department in the Foley Library.  This area, now the location of Academic Testing Center, housed the books and materials to support the Education Department. The room also had a large children’s literature section.  Years later the Curriculum Center was closed and the books were moved into the regular circulating collection.

Celebration of the Gonzaga Men’s Basketball WCC Championship title, March 1995

After the team won the West Coast Conference championship title, there was an impromptu celebration in the library as this was the first time that the men’s team would be going to the NCAA tournament.

Regional Information Services (RIS) Brochure, 1993

RIS offered a wide variety of customized services performed by librarians using an international network of resources using state of the art technologies. Prior to the expansion of the internet, RIS assisted regional businessmen and others with their information needs using a fee based system. As the internet became more prominent and with the increase in databases, RIS was no longer needed and closed in 1999.

ITS News, Information & Technology Services Newsletter, April 1997

In 1997 Gonzaga decided to combine library services with Instructional Technology Services under one person, who had the role of being Library Dean and Chief Information Officer. The two units stayed together until 2004.

Various rubber stamps used by the circulation department in Foley Center, 1992-2016

With new automation, the library no longer uses these rubber stamps to assign due dates.

Foley’s Scrawl Wall, 2009

For several years, the library put poster paper on the large curved wall on the first floor and encouraged students and faculty to write on the wall about that year’s topic.  Sometimes the wall was called “Read Wall” as they were asked to answer questions regarding their favorite books.

Story Time with Spike the Bulldog, 2011

The library sponsored a Story Time with Spike a couple of times.  Here children of faculty and staff were encouraged to come to the library and have books read to them by library staff and students.

Reference Desk during Foley Fling, 2014

Since 2001 the Foley Library has hosted the Foley Fling to introduce students to the various services and departments housed in the building.  Students would visit various departments to get information, free swag, and fill out a bingo card.  Once the card was completed, they received a free Italian soda.

“St. Al’s Church and Basketball Court”, Lego Creations, 2014

Each year the Foley Fling has a theme.  These are two creations made by students during the Lego themed Fling.   

Circulation Desk students, 2014

Cookie Night, 2015

One night each finals week, the library offers free cookies, fruit, and punch. The majority of these cookies have been baked by circulation staff member Molly McFadden, who has been known to bring over 1000 scratch baked cookies.

A student looks at photos in the University Archives and Special Collections (UASC), 2015

UASC, a new department in the Foley Center, works to preserve the heritage of Gonzaga University and the surrounding region and to make its historical resources readily available for inspection, evaluation, and research.  It is located on the 3rd floor of in the Cowles Rare Reading Library.

First library instruction class in the new classroom, Foley Library, November 2015

Over the years, librarians have worked with professors to provide library instruction. The library instructors have helped students and faculty navigate the world of information literacy by developing information competence and preparing them to be life-long learners.

Therapy dogs visit students at the library during midterms, 2015

For several years, therapy dogs have been coming to the library to visit with students during mid-terms and finals.