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Fr. Bernard Coughlin, S.J.: President, Priest, Scholar, Civic Leader, Friend: Extras

Extra Items not in Display

The items below were not used in the final layout for the physical exhibit.

Fr. Coughlin with U.S. Senator Warren Magnuson October 8, 1975

Merrill Lynch ad featuring Bernard Coughlin in front of St. Aloysius Church, February 2, 1989

Fr. Coughlin with students outside of the Herak Center for Engineering, 1989

During his presidency, Fr. Coughlin worked to help the schools of Nursing, Business Administration, and Engineering get officially accredited. With this increased credibility came higher enrollment in the respective programs, and a greater need for improved facilities on campus. The Herak Center for Engineering was completed in 1984.

Looking at plans for the Center for Information Technology (now Foley Center), 1991

Left to right: Chuck Murphy (GU Vice President for Finance), Ron Tan (Architect), Fr. Coughlin, Jack Madsen (CIT Project Manager), and Bob Burr (Library Dean)

Plaque commemorating Fr. Coughlin’s seat on the Board of Directors of the National Association of Independent Colleges and Universities, 1992

“GU president hits milestones”, Signum, Vol 25, No. 2, Winter 1993

Article mentions that Coughlin celebrated his 70th birthday and was in the midst of this 50th year in the Society of Jesus. The story also lists the improvements to Gonzaga during his 19 year tenure as president.

Fr. Coughlin and Margot Stanfield, Vice President for University Relations, 1995

“Thanks, Father Coughlin: Gonzaga students and faculty honor president for decades of work,” Spokesman-Review, April 25, 1996

After 22 years in office, the longest presidency in Gonzaga’s history, Fr. Coughlin stepped down from his position. Through his term, the school underwent drastic changes, and even after over two decades of hard work, Coughlin was not ready to fully cut ties with the University. Though he would take a short break from work at Gonzaga, he soon returned to assume the position of Gonzaga’s first chancellor. This position would allow Coughlin more leisure time, while the university retained his wisdom and experience. During the thank-you event in the Martin Centre, Coughlin was given a new touring bike by students and employees.

Father Coughlin works to curtail human atrocities: One of two Americans on Moral Court,” Gonzaga, Winter, 2005

Fr. Coughlin behind St. Aloysius Church, August 24, 2016

Fr. Coughlin at the Great Wall of China, no date

Fr. Coughlin standing next to Washington Governor Booth Gardener and other presidents of public and independent colleges and universities at the Governor’s Mansion in Olympia, no date

In addition to his duties as president, Fr. Coughlin worked to ensure that Gonzaga University had a good relationship with other universities in the region. He was a member of the Association of Jesuit Colleges and Universities, the Association of American Colleges, and the National Association of Independent Colleges and Universities.

Fr. Coughlin with 49th Speaker of the House of Representatives Tom Foley, no date

“To Father Barney with highest regards and respect, Thomas S. Foley, Speaker.” Coughlin maintained a familiar relationship with Tom Foley, a former Gonzaga student, and the university hosted several visits from the Speaker of the House during Coughlin’s presidency.

Fr. Coughlin sermon on Transfiguration with handwritten notes, no date